Audits measure your company's health & safety status

Health and Safety audits are a valuable management tool that help businesses and organisations of all types to assess workplace risks and identify ways to minimise them.

Our safety audits measure a company’s current status against legal compliance as well as the company’s own internal standards.

They also act as a benchmark from which practical health and safety action plans can be developed and future safety performance measured.

Our audit system is based on current best practice and will be appropriate to the nature and complexity of your business or organisation.

We look closely at your work practices, activities, current compliance and management systems before preparing a detailed feedback report and an action plan. These documents will then allow you to set achievable targets to obtain legal compliance.

A Health and Safety policy is a legal requirement for every single business or organisation.

Having a policy also demonstrates an employer’s commitment to health and safety and the welfare of the people working within a business or other organisation.

Safety Advisory Services will help you to develop a policy that covers:

  • A statement of intent highlighting your commitment to Health and Safety management in the workplace
  • Individual Health and Safety responsibilities for you and your staff
  • Company arrangements relevant to your organisation’s work activities and safety systems.

Safety Advisory Services can also prepare other safety-related documentation that your company requires such as documenting workplace procedures or detailed policies that you require your staff and others to be aware of. We also offer bespoke training courses on your premises or in conference centres nearby.


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